Mobile Sports Betting - “with a beautiful woman sitting with you”

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Cadillac Lounge to open "Overtime Sports Bar"

Mobile Sports Betting - “with a beautiful woman sitting next to you”


Fresh from a settlement of $1.25Million to dancers who had brought a lawsuit claiming the club violated federal fair labor standards by failing to pay them minimum wage, the Cadillac Lounge is on to its latest entrepreneurial venture. As announced on Twitter, as well as WPRO’s Gene Valicenti Show, the Cadillac Lounge will soon open the Overtime Sports Bar RI on their second floor. 


The bar will be billed as RI’s Mobile Sports Betting Headquarters. The décor will be all sports, with many wide screen televisions. Plans are to have the Vegas lines posted and handicappers.

Its purpose is to offer a setting where group mobile betting can take place.  Mobile betting is now legal by downloading the free app to your mobile phone - and then visiting Twin River’s authentication area where identification will be presented, and the app use confirmed.


As Dick Chappy told Valicenti, what used to be the El Dorado Room, only open on the weekend, will now be a set aside sports bar “with hookups for cell phones”, where “you can drink, you can gamble, and you can watch a game with a beautiful woman sitting with you”.  He notes that this is the high season for gambling and that mobile gambling is unique in RI and is one way we can compete with the Encore Casino which is “raising hell with Twin River”.  So, we have to “jump online with this now”.