Are you “Vegan Aware”?

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Planting Seeds of Compassion...

Are you “Vegan Aware”?


Two events will be coming up to promote the “vegan” cause in Rhode Island.  This Thursday, September 12th, 2019 from 1-9pm “Like No Udder” will be donating 10% of all ice cream sales to Rhode Island Vegan Awareness! Stop in anytime to treat yourself to delicious vegan ice cream while supporting the work of the local vegan outreach group, RI Vegan Awareness. RIVA representatives will be on hand during the evening hours to socialize and discuss all things vegan in RI.


There will also be an event on Saturday, September 21st from 1pm-3pm to raise money for Strike Out For The Animals. The bowling event will be held at Lang’s Bowlarama on Niantic Avenue in Cranston. Tickets are $20 (non-refundable) and there will be bowling w/shoe rental included, lunch from Blaze Pizza, a raffle and sponsorship contest. Participants can bowl as an individual or form a team. 


Some raffle prizes include gift certificates Crazy Burger Gift Certificate (many vegan options), Furry Fellas Dog Walking and Pet Sitting Services, Premier Martial Arts, Plant City, etc.


Rhode Island Vegan Awareness - Planting Seeds of Compassion Since 2001 - is the local, statewide group of the national nonprofit organization, and they are dedicated to advocating veganism for a more peaceful and just world for all life. They actively work to ~


Inspire justice and true respect for other species and the earth. 


Television PSA, bus advertisements, film screenings, Ask a Vegan tables, Pay-Per-View programs, library displays and more, have exposed compelling reasons to choose vegan. Featuring vegan cuisine at events “helps people see how easy and delicious being vegan can be”.


Educate the public with critical information. 


Since 2001, RIVA has reached thousands through outreach tables, workshops, guest speakers, and the distribution of free literature.


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