Networking Pick of the Week - Developing a Powerful Message

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Thursday, at PuroCleanRI in Providence

Networking Pick of the Week - Developing a Powerful Message

How to Deliver Presentations that Engage, Persuade and Inspire is the title of this week’s pick for Networking event of the week - and it’s also an educational workshop. The event will be held on Thursday night, September 12th, from 4:30 pm - 6:00 pm at PuroClean RI corporate offices, 80 Hathaway St. in Providence. This FREE event includes drinks and light snacks.


About Peter George 

“I know exactly what you’re going through. I’ve been there!” says  professional presentation coach Peter George.  Having grown up with a lisp and a stutter, George became shy and introverted, avoiding communication with others. Once in the business world, he quickly learned how important it is to his career and success to strong public speaking and presentation skills. He now dedicates his career to helping others become calm, confident and credible when they speak in front of others.


Presentation Skills are important

Presentation skills are more important to your career than ever before and those who best communicate their messages, credibility and ideas will advance their careers, while those less skilled will continue to struggle. Whether you’re speaking on stage, presenting in meetings, or pitching to prospects, these skills are beneficial, if not essential.

Peter will discuss:

The Keys to Developing a Powerful Message

How to Use Your Voice to Keep Your Listeners Fully Engaged

Using Positive Body Language That Supports Your Message

This workshop and networking event is perfect for sales professionals, business owners, entrepreneurs or anyone who presents in front of others.

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