Fall River’s own “Plunder Dome”

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Photo: From Mayor Correia's Facebook page

Fall River’s own “Plunder Dome”

Reading the indictment of Fall River Mayor Jasiel Correia II reminds one of Plunder Dome days in Providence, and the indictment of Providence Mayor Buddy Cianci. Not only are the charges jarring to think they happened in 2019, after years of national attention on officer-holder corruption, but the number of people who allegedly participated and were complicit in all the happenings shocks the senses, almost eliciting, as one person said to RINewsToday, “aww, come on…”.


One question which glares off the page has to do with the marijuana shops and "vendors" that are named as participating in the alleged paying of bribes to the mayor. We look forward to reading what they have to say to investigative reporters now that their alleged activity has been exposed, and three "associates" have been charged. We also want to ask why owners were not charged themselves, their licenses suspended, and their shops shut down, if they were open, much as is done with bars and violence episodes, until investigations are concluded. Who are the "marijuana vendors"? Three people were charged with extortion charges, but it is unclear who they are. It is unclear if these marijuana vendors represent actual marijuana shops that are open. If they are, we are left wondering about the status of them, and their licenses.

More details from the Fall River Herald News on the businesses involved, "Despite there being 14 separate facilities for which Correia has issued approval, only one business, Northeast Alternatives, has been permitted by the state to begin sales of recreational marijuana. Three other businesses – Greener Leaf, Hope Heal Health and Nature’s Medicines – have been issued provisional licenses by the CCC, but have not yet been allowed to start sales."


Certainly, more will come out in the following weeks and months. But for the mayor, he once again gave a short and solid statement to the gaggle of media in Boston as he was released on $25,000 bail with a restriction of travel to Rhode Island and Massachusetts.  “I am not guilty of these charges,” was his statement, along with an indication that he intends to continue as Mayor of Fall River.  The Mayor's trial on previous charges having to do with misuse of investor funds in his business venture to develop an app is set to begin in February. 2020 will be a year in and out of court, and embroiled in legal defense for the mayor, and tumult for the city.


Reading the details of the indictment is more informative than reading the headlines in the news. We provide the link, here, to the indictment so readers can read it for themselves. All charges are "alleged" until proven in a court of law.