Warwick Schools - Ready on Day One

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Off to a better year

Warwick Schools - Ready on Day One


Students and families of Warwick know what to expect. Not only have they addressed their school lunch embarrassment from last year, but they are one of the first school departments to set a cell phone policy.


School Lunch

The balance of last year’s school lunch overdue payments has been zeroed out. A new relationship with a 3rd party management company has been formed. A clear policy has been written to address overdue payments - including when warnings will be given, and what action will be taken, including a last resort referral to a collection agency. A new online payment system has been launched.  Families who cannot afford or are having problems paying for school lunch for their children are encouraged to call the West Bay Community Action which has partnered with the Warwick schools to put through applications and provide funding whenever possible. No sunflower sandwiches this year!


Cell Phones

One of the first schools to adopt a clear policy is Warwick. To start the year off with no cell phone policy and then try to transition one in is more difficult than having one instituted on day one. Warwick’s policy is called “Student Cell Phone Use During School Day” - and it prohibits accessing electronic devices - cell phones/smart watches/etc. - during school hours at the middle and senior high school level, complete with punishments for breaking the rules. Offenses range from confiscating of phones to requiring meetings with parents. In emergency situations the student can request using her/his phone in the school’s main office.

Website & Portals

There is also a new website and parent portal which literally pops off the page with ease of accessibility. Kudos to the Warwick School System for starting all of this on day one. Let’s see how the year goes - and if this serves as a model for other systems - such as Providence, much in need of improvements and rule setting.