Discover Beautiful Rhode Island - Jason Michalski photography

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We either become bitter - or we become better.

Discover Beautiful Rhode Island - Jason Michalski photography


Best therapy is nature. Being outdoors for 30 minutes a day can reset the brain and release endorphins in your body to heal and make you feel happy all for free. Lately I haven’t been feeling myself, not in a bitter way but more of an “I need to do something else” kind of way.


I have become too comfortable staying put. Not me to allow that to happen. Time to make a change; because it has to happen.


We have two choices in life - we either become bitter about things or we become better about them. I choose better and it’s my only focus in all that I do.


Time to get inspired and hit that reset button and all for the best!


Jason is a US Marine veteran, portrait and landscape photographer, and visual artist. Follow Jason on Instagram to see more of his work - jmich78photography. We thank him for use of this photo and his contemplation.