The classroom of the mind…

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Welcome to Hogwarts...welcome to wonder...

The classroom of the mind…


Years ago I heard a presentation called “The Kitchen of the Mind”. I never forgot it, nor the title. It talked about creating a physical space that was beyond the definitions of what the physical space was for. A kitchen is where you eat food. A classroom is where you get educated.  But - suppose we redefine - more accurately - what that physical space does. 


Taking a look at this teacher’s self-made classroom, thoughts went back to that creative lecture - and “classroom of the mind” seemed to describe it perfectly. What happens - in there - is so much more than education. It is capturing the child’s spirit of wonder and excitement and curiosity. What happens next? What lightbulb will switch on that day for that one child - for the whole classroom.


This is the work of Staci Lamb, a High School English Teacher, who in 2018 was a Finalist for Maryland’s Teach of the Year.


Her presentation was for “Keeping the Wonder” - and may it serve as encouragement, motivation, and inspiration to just what can happen behind the four walls of a classroom - even one that might have falling plaster or holes in the walls.  If our angst at the condition of our physical space seeps into the minds of the children who are being educated - this year - then we have failed to present to them - with wonder - the classroom of the mind.

Here is a link to a video of her classroom:


Thank you, Staci, for sharing that with all of us.