Aramark’s letter of understanding with Providence School Dept.

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As school starts this week in Providence, Aramark has sent this letter confirming work related understandings between the company and the Providence School Department regarding operations and management services:

Aramark’s letter of understanding with Providence School Dept.


'I am sending this letter as a follow up to my August 15, 2019 meeting with Christine Lopes Metcalfe and Victor Capellan regarding that certain Management Services Agreement between Aramark Management Services Limited Partnership (“Aramark”) and the Providence School Department (“PPSD”) dated October 31, 2014, as amended (the “Agreement”), pursuant to which Aramark provides operations and maintenance services to PPSD.


By introduction through this letter, I have overall operating responsibility for Aramark’s services to PPSD. While we have not yet had the opportunity to meet personally, I have been kept fully apprised of the changes and expectations going forward from Rupert Burtan and his team on the ground.


As long-time partners with the City of Providence and PPSD, Aramark is deeply invested in the success of this community. Our employees have children who attend PPSD schools, our staff members have long-standing relationships with families and teachers, and we support community programs that make a difference for students. We are proud of our accomplishments and look forward to continuing our partnership for many years to come. Recognizing the many changes that are occurring between the Rhode Island Department of Education (“RIDE”) and PPSD, Aramark is committed to ensuring that we are aligned to the go forward vision and facilities needs for PPSD. Our mutual success lies in developing and executing the necessary path to advance previously-discussed operational changes that are already in process.


Aramark’s commitment to RIDE and PPSD is to provide operations and maintenance services that serve as the foundation for the academic program and to meet our obligations pursuant to the Agreement. Working in tandem with the capital renewal program, our daily service focus is to provide facilities that help advance RIDE’s goals and not be a distraction to the learning process. We discussed during our meeting the need to look at operations and maintenance from both a short and long term approach. We deferred the long term discussion until after school opens as everyone’s focus is on ensuring a great opening and the sustainability of those work efforts.


To that end, we reviewed that the opening of school should bring forth:


1. A community sense of accomplishment

2. Clean and appealing buildings and grounds

3. Conditions that are sustainable beyond opening day and throughout the school year

4. A safe environment to learn


We are confident that the buildings will be ready for a successful school opening. Floor work, cleaning, repairs, grounds clean up, and painting are all in progress. As you know, Aramark has engaged two outside painting contractors to work with our existing staff to refinish and improve the appearance of many schools and public spaces. All spaces will open conforming to APPA “level 2” cleaning standards. While the start of school will bring clean and ready buildings, our commitment is to ensure that the buildings remain in that condition throughout the school year in accordance with the terms of the Agreement.


Aramark remains committed to providing the resources to ensure that Aramark meets the above four objectives all year long. Working collaboratively, “arm in arm” with RIDE and the City of Providence, in addition to its obligations under the Agreement, Aramark will:


1.Provide the incremental resources to maintain and sustain APPA “Level 2” standards in all non-classroom spaces. This will include maintenance of all floors on a more frequent planned work cycle, additional in room cleaning cycles, and scheduled in year project work. The exception to APPA “Level 2” will be in the classrooms. Classrooms present a practical challenge with student and teacher papers which will be left on the tables and desk tops.


2.Provide the incremental resources to our existing painting staff so that we have a dedicated graffiti removal response. Additionally, we will be able to address continued painting needs on a scheduled basis and not just during the summer break period.


3.Aramark proposes to manage all pest control services on a pass through basis at invoice cost. The current model has the City of Providence responsible for pest control with Aramark responsible for sealing holes and openings as they are identified by the City and its pest control contractor. We propose to assume complete management and oversight of PPSD’s pest control program to ensure a better outcome.


4.Community engagement is critical to the overall program success. We will work with RIDE and the City of Providence to increase engagement through:

         ·Implementation of a real time maintenance feedback app (KIPSU) that will allow anyone in the buildings to immediately report a maintenance or custodial need. Our service response center will dispatch the proper technician through our work order system upon receipt of the maintenance report. 

         ·Work with RIDE and the City of Providence to organize, supervise, and outfit the upcoming community service day in the school buildings. 

         ·Prepare and share a monthly report on building operations and performance to the Providence community. We want community feedback and will utilize full transparency in reporting on the status of our work. The currently in place third party monitoring of our work should certainly be continued to provide objective and unbiased assessments of our daily service performance.


While the buildings and grounds for PPSD suffer from decades of deferred maintenance and capital needs, maintaining clean and well-functioning spaces should support the academic mission. Above all, Aramark is committed to provide the resources and processes that will ensure that the academic transformation of PPSD is built upon a strong physical foundation. I trust that you will find these initiatives to be supportive of RIDE’s go-forward vision and look forward to meeting you to discuss these matters at your convenience."


Very truly yours,

Steven Weiser

Cc: Victor Capellan & Christine Lopes Metcalfe