Gronk: These products changed my life.

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CBD has a new fan in Gronk

Gronk: These products changed my life.

Abacus Health Products, Inc. today announced an agreement with Rob Gronkowski, which includes his commitment to support the company’s existing products “in a manner that Abacus believes will meaningfully increase awareness with consumers and retail buyers as well as collaborate with the company in the development and marketing of new and innovative products”.

“Gronkowski’s health-conscious lifestyle is an excellent fit for the planned launch in 2020 of a new nutrition & wellness brand which will mark Abacus’ entry into the larger market of ingestible CBD products”.

Gronkowski did a press event which was promoted and carried live on Facebook. He wore a company t-shirt complete with cannabis logo and standing in front of Abacus step-and-repeat signage. Used to speaking off the cuff without too much thought or pre-planning, he appeared to be reading word for word from a monitor. He said, “I wish I had been able to use CBDMEDIC while I was playing. It would have made a huge difference in my pain management during my career and I know it can help many others who are looking for safe, pill-free solutions to managing pain. I’ve had nine record-breaking seasons and nine separate surgeries, but now, for the first time in more than a decade, I’m pain-free. And that’s a BIG deal!”

On the company website (, he is further quoted as saying, “CBDMEDIC was so life changing for me, I immediately wanted to be part of it. And in a BIG WAY.”  And the company explains that “Rob Gronkowski’s experience was so transformative that he’s joined our team to launch a new complementary line of natural recovery products with the goal of helping millions of people balance their active lifestyles with healthy recovery”.


The efficacy of the use of CBD for chronic and acute pain seems to be well-established but not medically condoned or endorsed, and still not accepted by organized professional sports. Gronkowski went further in his endorsement to call upon the NBA, the MLB, and the NFL, to reconsider their position on CBD use. The company claims use of CBD cannot be detected on drug tests.

From the Abacus site:

Our products do not contain THC, the active psychoactive compound in cannabis. We use CBD hemp oil or extract in our products from the Cannabis sativa L. plant, the non-psychoactive, non-addictive component of the plant.

Our THC-free hemp oil or extract is derived from the Cannabis sativa L. hemp plant. This product will not get you high or cause you to fail a THC drug test. * THC-free means that the product contains less than 0.3% of THC, as required by the United States federal law.


Gronk’s call for action ended his press event when he said that he doesn’t rule out returning to the game of football, noting that the pain had taken all the joy out of playing and how he would not be able to sleep for days because of pain. But as he enthusiastically talked about how good he felt that day - good enough to play  again - the question needs to be asked - does effective, even total pain control equal healing of injuries? Is the injury not still there, even though the pain has been ended?

Across the banner of the website it now says - available at CVS Pharmacy