Weekend Weather Wrap - Sat & Sun, 8/17/19:

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Enjoy the weekend!

RI Weekend Weather Wrap - Sat & Sun, 8/17/19:

By Jack Donnelly, meteorologist


Saturday, 8/17/19:


Rising dewpoints and falling temperatures meet in the mid 60’s and trigger some light mist and fog particularly along the south coast, but also inland. Low stratus will accompany the light fog, and both elements will evaporate in the morning hours leaving behind continually rising humidity into the afternoon where a high around 80 can be expected. Scattered cumulus and elevated stratocumulus clouds generated from the frontal system offshore and the inland convection will keep us company through the afternoon on persistent but light southeasterly breezes.


Sunday 8/18/19:


A repeat morning performance of light fog and mist with low stratus cloud cover burning off early to mid-morning. Lows will settle around 70 and climb to around 90 with dewpoints around 70……..ugh! Light southerly breezes won’t provide much in the way of relief from the stubborn humid air. We could see some showers and thunderstorms develop inland, creeping into southeastern New England by late afternoon, but the best chance for any serious action will be in the northwestern hills.


Enjoy your weekend!