Back-to-School shopping: 1 bulletproof backpack?

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Save the children...

Back-to-School shopping: 1 bulletproof backpack?


Back to school shopping - notebooks, pens, pencils, crayons, a lunchbox. And - a bulletproof backpack?


Many parents and grandparents seem desperate to find a sense of safety and protection for their children. There is that false sense of security that if they are “with us” at a mall or event, then we will be able to protect them. But desperation is a motivating concern about what happens when they go to school, and we can’t be there?


Ever since Sandy Hook, and more so after Parkland, companies have been working on some means of protection for children - eerily timed to recent mass shootings and the coming school season, the bulletproof backpack is on the shelves. Being offered at an average price of $175, you can look for them not only on-line, at new retailers, and of course, at Amazon, but now also at Office Max, Office Depot, and Kmart. Most popular is the brand name ArmorMe.


The technology at ArmorMe originated by working with Israeli security companies, where safety, protection, and airport screening, has been refined due to the nature of the everyday violence they live with. Israel is recognized all over the world for its technology in this area.

ArmorMe, the key player in this new market says, “We never now when or where violent attacks may happen. Designed for everyday use, our stylish, eco-friendly bags hide a solid wall of bullet-resistant material to provide instant protection from handgun attacks. We are proud to have worked with a top Israeli defense contractor for design and testing of our bags; Israel has amassed the world’s most renowned expertise in self-defense and terrorism countermeasures. They only issued their stamp of approval when the products performed to their requirements in various scenarios they provided.”

The backpacks are heavier than average ones and filled with books will probably explode the concerns we have about little children carrying backpacks weighing 25 pounds or more, filled with books and supplies, and now equipped with bulletproof panels.


The packs have been tested to withstand direct hits from handguns but are less effective guards against more high-powered weapons.


ArmorMe’s come in black, blue, green and red - as yet no bright colors, flowers and patterns, but that is sure to come. There are single and double panel versions.


A unique feature is that they can be opened and unfolded, put over the head and worn front and back, as a double bulletproof vest. They can also be held firmly in front as a shield, and companies note that if students are in the “hide” response, they are often doing so with no added protection other than a desk or a door.


The question we ask - will you buy your child - or your grandchild a bullet proof backpack?  How will you talk to them about why this backpack is special?  The high schoolers will already know - but the little ones? How will that change their reaction to “back-to-school”?

Photo: ArmorMe website