Dare to Dream’s 3rd Annual BBQ

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Breaking the cycle...for veterans

Dare to Dream’s 3rd Annual BBQ

Dare to Dream Ranch will host their 3rd Annual BBQ on Sunday, August 18th, at Tri City 14 Elks Lodge, 1915 West Shore Road, Warwick. Tickets are $25 Adults, $15 children, Under 5 Free. Featured are a Pig Roast-Pulled Pork, DJ Station, Juke Box-karaoke, Field Games, Inflatables, Raffles, and Auctions.

Dare to Dream Ranch is a non-profit organization that offers alternative therapy programs for service members, veterans and their families with post-traumatic stress disorder, anxiety, depression, military sexual trauma, mild traumatic brain injury and stroke recovery. 

Founder Karen Dalton is a Certified Health Coach and Equine Specialist. As she was attending the Institute for Integrative Nutrition, she learned of others graduates using their knowledge to change health policies, wellness policies, writing books, and making impactful changes for society. She wanted to make a difference. Her father, a Marine, struggled with anger management issues which affected her life choices and ultimately affected her children. Her goal is to “break the cycle”. She took her passions of working with horses, nutrition, gardening, and surrounding herself with like minded individuals and created Dare to Dream Ranch.

The Rhode Island National Guard is the 2nd most deployed National Guard In the country. With each deployment the risk of PTSD, anxiety and depression increases. Dare to Dream Ranch offers free Equine Therapy, woodworking classes, fly fishing/tying programs, resume writing, and more. They are currently working with veterans to create a peer to peer support program.  This program will be led by veterans for veterans and offer equine therapy, archery, hiking and yoga.

Since 2015 they have been exhibitors for the RI Army and Air National Guard Yellow Ribbon Reintegration Program events for pre and post deployments. They have participated in many veteran task force groups and vendors at several veteran events to share their free services. Dare to Dream Ranch has hosted post deployment yellow ribbon events and mid deployment yellow ribbon events for family of service members during deployment, for free, at their ranch located in Foster, Rhode Island. 

Equine Therapy utilizes the horse's responsive nature as a therapy tool. They are naturally curious, have individual personalities, and mirror human behavior.  The structure of equine therapy provides a unique atmosphere for the client to work through personal challenges. Equine therapy provides clients with in-the-moment experiences to learn how to manage current situations and future challenges with a focus on personal strengths and resources. 

Fly Tying/Fishing is “something you could go through and for a couple hours and you can forget what you've been going through and just refocus your energy”. 

Woodworking helps put a veteran in touch with that creative side of themselves by learning useful skills such as tool usage, critical thinking, planning, and patience and perseverance.

Resume writing and career coaching may be offered when a client needs a career that better suits their skillset.


“Working with the horses helped me gain a deeper insight about myself, and also was very healing for me during a tough time in my life. “

“As a veteran who has struggled with service-related issues and found limited help from the VA, I can say that the programs at D2DR have had a huge and lasting impact on my life.  “

“I am learning communication through my body positioning and my emotions”


They look for the community to support their clients when traditional therapy is not working, by increasing access to their programs and increase the programs that are offered. Sponsorships are available for their upcoming BBQ. If you can help, call Karen Dalton 401-919-2059.  

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