What’s it worth?

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And...what's in YOUR house?

What’s it worth?

Last week it was worth a winning bid of $40,000, after a lively and competitive phone bidding among six hopefuls at the Bruneau and Co. Auctioneers’ auction right here in Rhode Island.

Offering their popular Saturday Estate Auction items on online bidding platforms and publishing them for a worldwide audience can bring some surprises, as the professional estimate for this item to bring at auction was in the $3,000 range.

The Chinese porcelain vase described as “measuring 12 ¾ inches, with mottled robin’s egg blue glaze” came from a Rhode Island home where Kevin Bruneau, company owner, had gone to look at some items for consignment for estate auction. This item was not in the ones identified by the homeowner, but Bruneau spotted it as valuable right away, and the owner put it into the collection.

They knew something exciting was happening when their online platforms had a lot of high end interest, necessitating an opening bid at $25,000 - and up it went from there. The lovely vase went to a Chinese bidder.

It all makes us ask - ‘what’s in your house’?  Bruneau and Co. offer appraisals for those interested in consigning for auction, from 9am to noon on Tuesdays, at 63 Fourth St, off Elmwood Avenue, in Cranston. They also do house calls, and accept photos for review, at info@bruneauandco.com. For more information, www.bruneauandco.com or 401-533-9980.

Photos, Bruneau and Co.