Time for a Good Book - RI Author Series - Mary Catherine Volk

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This book will give you chills and touch your heart.

Time for a Good Book - RI Author Series - Mary Catherine Volk


“Death is not the end - just a transition”. With these words, Mary’s book, Believe in Forever - How to Recognize Signs from Departed Loved Ones will give you that sense of wholeness between life here on Earth and life beyond.


Mary asks, “have you ever wondered if you felt the presence of your loved one after death?  Our loved ones DO come to comfort us and let us know they made it home safely. This book will help you to recognize those signs of love.”


Mary’s book is uplifting and for anyone grieving a loss or curious about life after death.


About Mary:

Mary says she was given the gift of knowing that life exists beyond this physical form at a young age. She experienced a near death experience while in a coma at age six where she suddenly felt very safe and at home, surrounded by the spirits of departed loved ones who loved her and who she knew. Since that time, she has been able to feel, hear and receive messages from her loved ones in spirit. Her personal loss of many family members led her on a spiritual journey to better understand the messages and signs she was receiving. She has studied with internationally known shamans and spiritual medium and has a private practice and conducts workshops and speaking engagements.   


Meet Mary


Mary is often seen at local author events, fairs and expos. She is a member of the Association of Rhode Island Authors. Mary has these events coming up:


Aug. 10th - 11am to 6pm - The Looff, East Providence Arts Festival, Crescent Park

Oct. 2019 - Wakefield Octoberfest

Nov. 2019 - Holiday Fine Arts Show, The Viking Hotel, Newport

Dec. 2019 - Assoc of RI Authors Annual Book Show, Rhodes on the Pawtuxet, Cranston



Mary’s website is:  www.marycatherinevolk.com