Keep your cool...and your neighbors', too.

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Cooling centers and more.

Keep your cool…and your neighbors’ too.


As we prepare for unprecedented heat and humidity, cities and towns are beginning to release their lists of “cooling centers”. Most of libraries.  Most are not open in the evening.


Let’s remember the natural places - malls, movies, some fitness centers. Even taking a cooling break and driving around for a bit with the a/c on will help your body adjust and maintain its healthy status.


And, all you have to do is look up at a high-rise for the elderly, as we call them, and see the window a/c units - and all those windows without.  Health Dept. regulations call for the requirement that there is at least a central room where people can go that is air conditioned.


This one is going to be a bad one - probably because of the humidity - so let’s make our plan now. Have that plan extend to pets, children and seniors.


Here’s our list of cooling centers:


More information is available on the RI Dept. of Health webite, at:


Stay cool…