The “1 of 52” Hunger Network Comes to the Table

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America - the Land of Plenty

The “1 of 52” Hunger Network Comes to the Table


The ‘1 of 52’ Hunger Network, is an organization that connects individuals, businesses and organizations who use their unique talents to take a minimum of one action in one week annually to help create food security. Organization members become “one of fifty-two” others in their community, each representing one week of the year, who take their own action to benefit a hunger organization of their choice. 100% of resulting actions/contributions are made “3rd party” and go directly to an existing hunger organization.


1 of 52 Members actions range from holding simple food drives at life events or places of work, to elaborately planned actions. Each action is connected through our network creating greater strength-in-numbers where the whole is far greater than the sum of the parts. The network has expanded from its roots in Rhode Island and has started chapters in multiple states. One goal is to eventfully form chapters all 50 states.


Founded on June 9, 1988 - now in its 31st year of continual operation - network members have directed thousands of dollars in donations, literally tons of food, and have brought mass awareness to local and national hunger agencies. The concept has always centered around music based on the long connection between music and the cause of ending hunger which dates back the George Harrison and Ravi Shanker Bangledesh Concerts in 1971 - right up through other incredible milestones such as We Are the World, the Live Aid and Farm Aid concerts and more. We continually work to strengthen that link.


However, unlike these blockbuster happenings, the 1 of 52 concept is spread over time creating a more grassroots, cumulative effect. This mass push is placed solidly behind the one goal of creating food secure communities. We are of the general belief that food security can only happen in one place, and that place is in the community, and can only happen in one way; with direct actions taken within the community. This is where the 1 of 52 Hunger Network “comes to the table” bringing a long-term, cumulative focus on the solutions of ending hunger.


Individual 1 of 52 members are folks from all walks of life who not only support these music endeavors, they also use their own unique talents in creative ways to take action where they see fit. All participants take solace knowing that their individual actions are now linked to the actions of other like-minded thinkers.


In addition to the direct community based actions, how can this concept ultimately help create wide-spread food security? We have created a simple infrastructure for mass involvement that will help create through example what has been identified by The National Anti-Hunger Organizations as the “missing ingredient” to bring about food security: the Political Will to make it happen. In their 2004 document, the Blueprint to End Hunger, they issued a call to action to “every segment of our society to mobilize… to make the vision of a Hunger-Free America a reality”. We intend to answer this call to action through our network of participants who are working to lead the way.


After all, America is “The Land of Plenty”, and if the only thing missing to make their vision of a Hunger-Free America a reality is the political will to bring it about - we at the 1 of 52 Hunger Network are committed to helping make their vision a reality.


Consider joining us? It costs nothing to join, all that’s needed is the desire to make a difference by simply taking just one action in only one week annually. Please search Facebook for our member events and visit our website for more details and to find contact information at