Own a piece of history - maybe even your own history.

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No soup and sauce for you

Own a piece of history - your own history.


Next week the iconic banquet facility, the West Valley Inn, in West Warwick, will be reduced to so many numbered auction lots. Everything will be up for sale as the buildings are prepared to be razed, in favor of a condo development. Everyone said no, that will never happen. Yet, we are here at this fateful time.


S.J. Corio Co. has been brought in to manage the auction. Corio says that people will be able to participate in any way they want - on line, on their phone, computer, or iPad, in-person, etc. Preview times have been set for people to have that one last walk-through.

When they say everything is up for sale, they do mean everything. From sets of dishes to stacks of chairs. Huge mixing vats where their famous “soup and sauce” was lovingly made. The chandeliers so many danced under at their wedding, and then maybe that of their children' weddings . The family-style serving dishes so many served from at their son’s or daughter's sports or scout banquets. We’re not sure anyone would want toilets, urinals and sinks as mementos - but they, too, will have an auction ticket on them.


You can view all the items at:



Sharpen your pencil and go shopping for that special item that brings back memories to generations - we knew this day would come - the assurances that it would not were hollow the moment they were uttered. 

Goodbye, West Valley Inn - no soup and sauce for us.