DCYF Director Resigns

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Calls for resignation are heard

DCYF Director Piccola Departs RI

The Director of DCYF - Department of Children, Youth and Families will be announcing her resignation.  Officially, she says her husband has taken on another position in Arizona, so they  will be moving there.  The resignation comes after a short stint at that position, serving since February of 2017. In that time there have been several deaths of children in DCYF oversight.

During June hearings, Rep. Charlene Lima (D-District 14) stated to the DCYF staff, “None of you deserve to be there, none of you,” said Lima (D-District 14). “If you had any honor, or any dignity, you would hand in your resignations immediately and walk away.”

Rep. Patricia Serpa (D-District 27) said DCYF must be held accountabl, “This is a travesty, this is an injustice, this is murder. There is blood on this department’s hands…,” Serpa said. “How many more children have to die? No more policies, no more organizational charts; they are B.S.”

Last night, House Minority Leader Blake Filippi issued this statement on the departure of DCYF Director Piccola:

“The departure of Director Piccola provides us with the opportunity to fundamentally transform DCYF, which it desperately needs. We will continue to work with our government colleagues to support front line staff and increase their ranks, as they are a critical resource in meeting the needs of our most vulnerable children.”

Piccola said she would stay on until a replacement could be found.