Tolls Coming to Providence - Gantry #3 & #4

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Collecting tolls as quickly as possible

Rhode Island Toll Gantry #3 Coming - #4 Close Behind


The third truck toll location is about to be installed. It will be the first in the Providence geography. The gantry will support the construction for the Toll Gate Bridge (I-95 over Toll Gate Road) and the Centerville Road Bridge (I-95), according to the RIDOT website. This location will be the only one to capture truck travel on Route 6, as collection projections for the two existing tolls in the southern part of the state have exceeded expectations, and original plans for two toll stations in the Route 6 area have been merged into just the one. However, the $2 toll planned for each toll booth will now be $5 for one. Expect lots of traffic issues as this is installed, with most construction being done overnight.


Location 4, however, should get everyone’s notice as it is planned to support the Oxford Street Bridge (I-95) - think Big Blue Bug - right about there. Prep work has already begun in the area.


13 is the plan - is it a pathway to tolling cars?

Current plans call for a total of 13 toll gantry locations. Only certain types of tractor trailers will be tolled, currently,  and the money collected is targeted to repair the bridge or bridge group specifically associated with that toll location, according to the RIDOT.

RIDOT has asaid that the diversion of truck drivers at the #1 and #2 locations has not happened to any significant degree.

RI Trucking Association

The RI Trucking Assoc.‘s Chris Maxwell has maintained that the pattern of bridge construction currently underway in Rhode Island seems to be planned around the construction of toll gantries and not having to do with the condition of all the roads/bridges being worked on. Specifically, the Oxford Street Bridge is noted as “not structurally-deficient nor functionally obsolete” on the Rhode Works program.

Legal opposition is working its way through the courts, currently in Boston, in the Appellate Court, as jurisdiction is being sought to take the matter out of state court and into federal court. Questioning of how the federal roads/bridges reconstruction funds are being used surround the criticality of the projects, and if the funds are being used, primarily, to build income-producing tolls on interstate trucking as the main purpose. While the uproar about the tolls has quieted, there is more activity expected in mid-September.

With Connecticut beginning to toll cars, it is said that Rhode Island's plans for 13 tolls will, inevitably, be a pathway to tolling cars, according to the Trucking Association.

Check out the map, here, to see where you can expect all 13.