The passing of H. Ross Perot

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Photo is from 2009 as Perot attended a college football game.

The passing of H. Ross Perot


“A small man who carried himself in a big way,” said John Kasich, former Ohio Governor. A billionaire, who used charts to explain things to people, was laser focused on the national debt of the United STates and how it impacted every part of our daily lives.


Kasich went on to say that his run for president gave us a glimpse perhaps of times yet to come, of what a successful, independent campaign for president might look like, and how it could win the White House.


Perot was an Independent before 1995, he later became a member of the Reform Party from 1995 to 2000, but became a Republican from 2000 to 2019. He was “reluctantly” pro-choice and a supporter of Planned Parenthood, believing in the inequities of access to abortion based on poverty.


Beyond his presidential run, he was known for his relationship with Steve Jobs and is credited, in part, for helping Jobs bring us the iphone.  He also spent countless hours helping to return POWs to this country, and working on behalf of the U.S. military and veterans.


Born in utter poverty, Perot grew to be a multimillionaire, and billionaire. His charitable work was legendary, as was his personal philanthropy. He and his wife, Margot, had five children, and 19 grandchildren. He was ranked the 167th-richest person in the United States.