It’s all politics - even US Women’s Soccer?

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"USA! USA!" - US Women's Soccer chant

It’s all politics - even US Women’s Soccer?




Sad to see the victorious US Women’s Soccer Team slip into the rabbit hole of politics and adding to a divisiveness this country can’t seem to shake.


Yesterday, a little girl took her scooter, barefoot - over to a nearby business and walked in to “say hi”.  She was asked if she had been watching the women’s soccer team and she beamed that she had.  Young as she was, the conversation continued with her outside, and the fact that the team was now going to pursue equal pay, same pay as that of Mens Soccer. She stared intently.  “Do you think men and women should be paid the same for the same job?”, came the question. “Yes, that’s important,” she said and scooted away. While she might have been too young to know what “pay” actually means - the concept she got.


While the team has not actually been invited - yet - to the White House, they expected it, and proactively announced that “they” would not be going. Had the team been polled, individually, about how they felt? She later issued a statement to a magazine, “No f------ way will we be invited to the White House.”  Followed by more statements saying she thinks all members feel the same way.


While President Trump issued a big congratulations to the team, he has not yet taken the bait and invited the team to the White House.


In short order Senate Minority Leader Chuck Schumer and House Leader Nancy Pelosi extended an invitation to the team. Team captain Rapinoe responded, “Thank you, Chuck Schumer, for inviting us out. We are very happy to accept your invitation to come.”


We say, Team USA, the world is watching, the young ladies are watching, too. Godspeed in your equal pay quest - it’s truly what’s important. The White House is the White House, it is the people’s house, and will be so after the current president is no longer in office. Watch the rabbit holes - people have their own agenda - keep your independent thought and be strong. Remember, you’re not “on sale” for others to use. That’s the battle you are ultimately fighting.