Fill it to the brim at the Brimfield Antiques Show

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Pack a lunch, or plan to stay, it's hard to "do Brimfield" in one day.

Fill it to the brim at the Brimfield Antiques Show


Whether you call it the Brimfield Antique Show or the Brimfield Antiques Show and Flea Market or the Brimfield Antique and Collectibles Show, today starts an “event” heard the world over. Running from July 9th through the 4th, this small town in Massachusetts will be a destination trip, turning a population of 3,000 into more than 5 days of 250,000 visitors. What a boon that is for the city, which opens local homes, restaurants, and more to accommodate those who make the yearly trek.


“The Brimfield Antiques Show began in the 1950's and has become the largest and best-known outdoor antiques show in the country. Running along Rt. 20 for a distance of perhaps a half-mile and perhaps 500' or more, back on each side of the highway, the Brimfield Show is a huge, vast undertaking, filled with thousands of dealers over the course of the week, selling everything from the finest antiques to 'yard junk', requiring a day or two to see everything there is to see. Food courts and rest facilities abound, and the shows are filled with hidden treasures creating a safe and fun environment for everyone, children included. Shows are patrolled by uniformed and undercover police, and rarely is there any trouble of any kind.


Dealers come from all over the world, as do visitors. From millionaire world-famous rock stars and movie stars to the local resident from down the street, the show is a mecca for serious and casual collectors of all kinds of antiques. A few of the fields require an entrance fee on the initial opening, usually $5-10, which tends to be waived later in the day. Most fields do not have any entrance fee, and generally, you can move freely from field to field. By far the largest inconvenience to the whole show is the traffic getting into and out of town, which can range from none to over 8 miles of backup.


Their quaint website tells you everything you need to know. Check it out at