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Call for Entry: OneZeroOne

Art League Rhode Island / The VETS Gallery

We live in a complex digitally dependent world and at its core is a very simple system. Binary, a base 2 number system is made up of only two numbers: 0 and 1. This number system is the basis for all computer code, used to write the instructions that computer processors use. This binary framework lies behind all of our mass media communication systems and provides the foundation for our globalized world, including the digital text you are reading now. Ideas are increasingly presented to us in a binary format, however in a living system as complex as our globally connected world, problems and solutions rarely fall neatly into an either/or format.

OneZeroOne seeks submissions that provide commentary and observations on the output from the binary system and its impact on our daily lives. Open to all media and processes including digital and conventional painting and drawing, fibers, clays, recycled materials, mixed media and assemblage. All electronic media must be self-contained and self-running.

Juror: David DeMelim, Managing Director of the Rhode Island Center for Photographic Arts and Photographer


1stPrize $300
2ndPrize $200
3rdPrize $100

Please read their prospectus carefully and only consider submitting work that will comply with the requirements and timetable outlined in their document.

For that information, go here: