Providence’s Field of Dreams… who will build it?

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There are now 8 full weeks before school starts in Providence

Providence’s Field of Dreams… who will build it?

by Nancy Thomas

In a spontaneous moment this Wednesday, July 3rd, WPRO’s talk show host, Tara Granahan, threw out a suggestion if anyone in the private sector could help with the schools. Shortly after that discussion, Mike Pomerantz, an owner of Single Source Disaster Recovery, in Warwick, called in and said that he has been listening to the discussion and has seen some of the photos. He offered up $10,000 of his services to begin to assess the situation with the schools, especially asbestos and mold abatement, which are specialties of his company.


Tara went on to encourage others to call and Richard Rodi, owner of ClearPoint Builders, in Cranston called in to offer $5,000 of his services to help. A “green builder”, and award winning USGBC-LEED contractor, Rodi described his outrage at the schools’ conditions, and noted that he was a product of a Providence school education, himself, and for him, “this is personal”.


Tara announced that she is hopeful other contractors, service providers, and suppliers will step forward.


Single Source Disaster Recovery can be reached at


ClearPoint Builders can be reached at:


After the scathing “Johns Hopkins Report" on the conditions of schools, a listening tour was put together to listen to parents and other stakeholders’ concerns. After the second listening session the new RI Commissioner of Education, Angelica Infante Green, said that she was going to organize a community painting opportunity for parents and others to paint the schools. Many have questioned this, as structural repairs, mold, asbestos, etc. need to be done before painting surfaces could responsibly make a difference. 


Two listening sessions remain. One on July 11th at the Providence Career and Technical Academy from 6-7pm and one at the South Providence Library on July 13th from 9:30-11:45am.


As of today, there are 8 full weeks before the first day of school starts in Providence


Builders, contractors and suppliers and others eager to help can call Tara Granahan on WPRO between 9am and noon, Monday through Friday at 401-438-9776.