The Great Weiner Challenge...with or without?

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Yes, we Rhode Islanders love our Hot Weiners by Joanne Giannini

The Great Hot Weiner Challenge - With or Without?

By Joanne Giannini


Okay so I am a true Rhode Islander. Born here. Lived here all my life. A true Providence native, of Italian American descent. What is my best comfort food? 


Hot weiners, of course...aka belly busters, aka gaggers. Yes, we Rhode Islanders love our Hot Weiners so much that we endure heartburn, aka, agita/indigestion - just to have them.  


The big debate is with or without ONIONS!  So, I took a poll on my Facebook page and guess what? Most people like the “All the Way” - with onions. And I admit I like them both ways, but the onions are a great finishing touch!


I have gone all over sampling the Hot Weiners of Rhode Island. In my humble opinion, The Olneyville New York System in Olneyville still has the best. Close second would be BaBa’s New York System on Smith Street, in Providence. There are many honorable mentions, such as the Wein-O-Rama in Cranston, and New York System on Reservoir Avenue.


I have fond memories of my dad and sister Jeannie going there late summer nights and getting about 2 dozen Hot Weiners, French Fries with vinegar and salt, and coffee milks, to go, for the family. Yup, I could eat three and sometimes four.  Those were the days, my friends, I thought they’d never end.” Hot Weiners and coffee milk on a hot summer night!


Summer is upon us, my friends, let’s have a treat! Weiner feast.... coffee milk...fries with vinegar.. and don’t forget -the Tums!


Enjoy all!


P.S. There is a bit of controversy if “weiner” is weiner or wiener - we’ve even seen it both ways on signs in RI…what is your favorite spelling?