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Mercury in Retrograde

Greetings everyone,


“First, as I begin my first column here with, I would like to say how excited I am to have been asked by Nancy Thomas to join this great group of people. I hope that you all enjoy my column and will share your thoughts with me.” - Pat


Well, the time is coming for the 21 day cycle of Mercury in Retrograde. It will begin July 7th and go through the end of the month. I always tell people to remember to give it a few days before, and up to a week after Retrograde ends -allowing for the dragon tail effect, where you can still feel the ramifications.


In a few more days I will start receiving the calls, messages, and emails asking,

"What is going on in the Universe, everything is going crazy?" My response is always the same - the more sensitive you are, the earlier you will feel the transition as it begins, until it clears. 


What actually happens is this: As retrograde begins, because Earth is moving faster in its orbit and ends up "lapping" the planet, Mercury appears to be moving backward as we're "approaching" it. And, as we come up on it and pass, it appears to go back into regular orbit. Due to this movement, it appears as a "storm" starts up on the planet, causing chaos. Since the planet Mercury covers all forms of communication, one must be prepared for major miscommunication! Example: "You said meet you at 10 o'clock; I thought you said, 11 o'clock?! Sorry you were waiting so long." Laugh, shake your head say, 'darn Mercury in Retrograde'.


Signing legal documents during this time frame is greatly discouraged, as there will be fall aparts, delays, mistakes in verbiage, etc. I say you should never buy electronics during retrograde as well; I promise you will be returning them. Of course, no cars, unless you want a lemon. Basically, no major purchases, sales or contracts should be done during Retrograde.


If you start a job during this window of time, you may not stay at that situation. Same if you open a business during this time. So, it's very important to know what the dates are each year of Retrogrades, so you can be well prepared with your schedule, especially vacations, too.


Now, having said all of this, what you may lose in a retrograde, such as a job/money/relationship, can come back to you in a retrograde. No telling when though. Could be years later, or the very next one. I believe that refers back to your Karma.


This retrograde in July begins in a water sign, Cancer (having to do with the home, so watch all things surrounding your family, house, emotional security, etc.), and ends in Leo, the lion...roaring. So, any argument just might get pretty loud about independence!


I know that each Mercury Retrograde we experience almost always there is some form of a natural disaster, so I warn my clients against any long distance traveling during these 21 days, especially out of the country, if possible.


I see tremendous changes happening in Rhode Island between now and the end of this year. Great success is coming to some of your familiar business leaders, and they have earned it! One or two of them in particular will rise up the ladder, even more than they ever dreamed over the next decade.


Cancer babies, who will be celebrating birthdays we'll be shortly, should find that this birthday cycle will be eventful, pleasing, and for the female Cancers, very romantic, but not so much for the males (sorry).


This retrograde will seem to bother males much more than the females. I feel as if the Cancer females will slide through this retrograde quite easily. Hurray! They have earned it, as this past year has been tough for them.


Leo's are going to get "bright eyed and bushy tailed", as the saying goes, and find some very interesting changes around their work "house".


Always know your rising signs so you can tell if these will affect you as well.


Please remember, REBOUND & LAUGH - a great way to slide through any retrograde! Each retrograde hits you in a particular "house", so if you know your chart you will be able to prepare yourself for how Mercury in Retrograde will affect your life. If you do not know this information, all is not lost, just look at how it affected you in the past, see what lessons you kept experiencing during those times. Is there a pattern? If so, you have your answer, learn the lesson quickly so it will stop jumping into your life.


The next Mercury in Retrograde is October 31 (Halloween) through November 20th. So, please make your plans accordingly.


Every time Mercury was in Retrograde, a friend of mine in Dallas would get stopped for speeding! I would ask her, "Why don't you just slow down?  She would laugh and say, "Oh Pat, you know me, I drive fast." "Well, expect tickets each Retrograde. It is trying to teach you something, silly!"  


Hopefully, we all can navigate the upcoming cycle with reasonable ease, because remember, we're all in this together... I send you all blessings and light to be safe.


Patricia Glynn Olson - “The Futurist”


If you want to know more, please send me an email to set up an appointment for a private reading.