What's IN...What's OUT...This Week in Rhode Island

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What’s in… What’s out… By Joanne Giannini, 6/7/2019

What’s in… What’s out…

By Joanne Giannini, 6/7/2019


What’s in..


The President goes to London amidst protests, rallies of support, and Royal pomp and circumstance, President Donald Trump and First Lady Melania have visited the Royal Family this week. The formal state dinner’s pictures of Queen Elizabeth, Prince Charles, Duchess Camilla, and even Princess Kate attending to greet the President and family were very well done, but there was not much coverage at all on television. The Royal Family was busy tweeting all week with pictures and videos.


It’s a shame that the press will not cover what is a historic visit. Like it or not, President Trump is President and  the office of the Presidency should be covered. For those who do not have Facebook and Twitter, you are missing a whole generation of news. Remember when television and newspapers were major sources of finding out everything going on in America? Me, too. Those were the days.


Chaffee changing party affiliation - again. So now we hear that former Governor Lincoln Chaffee has changed his party affiliation to the Libertarian party. So far he has been a Republican, an Independent, a Democrat and now a Libertarian. Also he has changed his going address to Wyoming now, where he now resides (some of the time?).  It’s a ball of confusion, as we wonder why and you may say, who cares? His career took a downward spiral after that so called liquor party fest at his home where a young girl got highly intoxicated. Yes, they say Wyoming is much more liberal than Rhode Island, yet, I can’t believe that because we are well on our way to going past a progressive state, all the way to total Liberalism. What’s next for Chafee, former Mayor, former Governor, former Senator and former Presidential Candidate? One never knows, but he certainly plans on keeping us guessing.



What’s out…


Tax hikes in Providence… the majority of us are seeing substantial tax hikes in Providence. After a city wide re-evaluation program that raises property taxes at least by 37%. Some of us that appealed were greeted in the mail with a new bill... increasing our evaluation even more! Unbelievable. You just can’t make this stuff up.


Monies being spent on bike paths, street islands, one ways, renaming streets, Jump Bike locations, and other city projects should be put on hold. The poorest neighborhoods and middle class neighborhoods are seeing the highest tax rate hikes, while some of the higher end are getting a break.


Councilman John Igliozzi was quoted in the Providence Journal as saying, “The top 1% wealthiest people in Providence are going to get the biggest tax break," Igliozzi said.


For example, a home valued at $191,400 will see its property taxes go up by 37%, or about $794, under the proposed budget, Igliozzi said, while a home valued at $1.48 million will see its tax bill go down by 14 percent, or $3,963.” 


This take hike will be a  substantial one for many of us who live in Providence. Appeal and appeal. And hope some more Providence City Council people speak up for their constituents.


The White Out incident... Rep. Kathy Fogarty (Democrat-South Kingstown -District 35) made public a letter calling out Speaker Nicholas Matiello for whiting out her name in a bill which involved her constituency in South Kingstown, it just so happens, that Rep. Fogarty is not an ally of the Speaker and  explained in detail what happened in her letter. She had signed the bill and was told later by a leader that her name had to be taken off by orders of the Speaker. This is vindictive and childish but very predictable.

Photo courtesy Dave Amadio