What's In...What's out... in Rhode Island

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by Joanne Giannini

What’s in... What’s out...

by Joanne Giannini

What’s in…

Tiverton re-vote on  Monday... The Tiverton Town Council will try again Monday night to make Tiverton a Second Amendment Sanctuary Town. This Tuesday night, the town council attempted the vote, and it was expected to go through, and that would make Tiverton the 5th city/town to adopt Second Amendment Sanctuary resolutions. However, when the vote happened, there was some technicality that ended up requiring the vote to be re-taken on this coming Monday. Just what happened is not crystal clear but will the second time be a charm.  Get ready for a showdown Monday night - and maybe the media will block over to document it all.


New name for Airport... After a bill changing the name of T.F. Greene Airport died in the General Assembly last year, this year it is back... The new proposed name: “The Rhode Island T.F. Green International Airport.” What’s in a name, you might ask! While the Airport Corporation is happy with this change, you might ask, why? “If it ain’t broke, why fix it?” There’s always been a bone of contention between Warwick (where the airport is located) and Providence, about the name and the greeting “Welcome to Providence”.  Even the PVD on our airline ticket and language throughout aviation. Well, as Mayor Jorge Elorza will tell you, Providence is really home base for the airport because of its notoriety. Who can remember the very popular TV show Providence? Yes, Buddy Cianci helped put Providence on the map, like it or not.


And T.F. Green belongs in the name. Our past is our past and let’s not try to change it! So, the compromise has been made and the new name will be “The Rhode Island T.F.Green International Airport”.  Bon voyage!


The House Judiciary Committee .... has unanimously passed Rep. Carol Hagar McEntees’s bill to extend the statute of limitations for lawsuits for sexual abuse cases to 35 years from 15. The House floor will vote on it on Thursday. It seems the House Judiciary is the stumping ground this year for all the controversial legislation in the House of Representatives. Enter the bills in abortion, gun laws, and others, and sexual limitations for lawsuit cases are right at home in this committee. There’s a reason this committee is so powerful - it’s loaded with Mattiello loyalists and leadership: Chairman Robert Craven, Vice Chair, Evan Shanley, Second Vice Chair Carol Hagar McEntee, Rep. Dennis Canaria, Rep. Julie  Casimiro, Chair Arthur Corvese, Whip Jay Edwards, Rep. James Jackson, Rep. Daniel McKiernan, Rep. Chris Milkes, Rep.Thomas Noret, Rep. David Place, all of whom are part of Mattiello’s team.


One has to realize this would not pass the Judiciary Committee without the Speaker’s approval. So, if it passes the Judiciary Committee, it has a 99% percent chance of clearing the House floor. But the obstacles begin in the Senate chamber, where word has it that the bill will be amended from its present form.  At some point, Senate President Ruggerio will get tired of being the new firewall

for the House.


What’s out...


ProJo’s finest… Sad to see Steve Szydlowski, longtime journal photographer being let go from the Providence Journal, along with several others. The institutional knowledge and experience he takes with him, will be missed. I still subscribe to the ProJo and will continue to but see an ongoing trend of my friends who do not. And many tell me that they will not subscribe to other locales covering Rhode Island news, as is planned in the Boston Globe.  The war is on! Local news is in the hot seat! But remember the famous words of one of the old-time favorites, Tip O’Neil, “All politics is local”… indeed it is.


On a personal note...we at RINewsToday dot com are local and will continue to bring you the Best, the Worst and somewhere in between - we hope you will check us out daily - and don’t forget to follow us on social media, under our name on Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn. - RINewsToday.com