Ice Cream for Hasbro Children's Hospital

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Warwick Ice Cream flavor on sale NOW to benefit Hasbro Children's Hospital

“Every Child, Every Day” Ice Cream to benefit Hasbro Children’s Hospital

By RINewsToday

Warwick Ice Cream, known for its fun, Rhode Island-themed flavors, has debuted a new flavor to benefit Hasbro Children's Hospital. A portion of the sales of all pints of "Every Child, Every Day" will go towards improvements for the hospital.

"We want to help them continue to provide world-class support to patients," said Thomas Bucci of Warwick Ice Cream.

The final product, "a cool treat that will warm your heart," is a chocolate base mixed with toffee crunch pieces and "caramel swirl.

It is set to be released to the public on May 27.

"Warwick Ice Cream is proud to partner with Hasbro Children's Hospital as it celebrates 25 years of caring for our community's children," the company wrote on Facebook. "We hope you enjoy this specially made treat knowing you're making a difference for the kids!"