What’s in... What’s out...

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What's In...What's Out...by Joanne Giannini

What’s in... What’s out...

By Joanne Giannini


What’s In…


Memorial Day... Remember our Veterans and their Caregivers! ... It’s Memorial Day weekend, and let’s not forget our veterans. If you get a chance, stop by the “Boots on the Ground” exhibit, new, this year, to Fort Adams in Newport. We celebrate our veterans this weekend and remember the sacrifices those who served our country have endured. Many came home injured and live everyday with courage and fortitude. And many did not come home at all. Throughout this country, millions of veterans deserve our gratitude as well as their families and military care givers who care for them.


There are at least 5 1/2 million military caregivers in this country who care for our veterans on a daily basis. These spouses, neighbors, fathers, mothers, and siblings are the new frontline for our military, as they also bear the burden of caregivers for our injured military.


This issue of supporting our military caregivers was brought to the forefront by Former Senator Elizabeth Dole, who has led a recognition effort to support our military caregivers. This effort has received national attention and it is wonderful. It’s about time, we recognize our unsung heroes who are both the wounded veterans and veterans and the caregivers who take care of them.


Happy Memorial Day! May we not forget!



Bye, Bye, Wave... This week we say goodbye to the “Wave license plate that has been a fixture since the 1990s. Why? Scattered reports have said it’s because the plates are old and peeling. Another says the numbers on the plates cannot be read effectively by toll machines. Hmm!  Does this mean more tolls are on the way? Yes, there are!


Another ten locations will be added by September to Rhode Island highways. In fact, one toll will cost truckers approximately $9.25 (this is on I-195 to get from Providence to East Providence). Some opponents of the tolls feel that the tolls will also be out on vehicles in Rhode Island inevitably, which could be another reason for changing plates - to get toll-ready. Lastly, the plates will increase in price from $6 to $15. We will no longer be able to ride the wave, but we could very well be paying the toll!


What’s out...


Dog owners who don’t watch their dogs... On a personal note, I’m angry today.

I’m angry at dog owners who don’t watch their dogs or restrict them from hurting other dogs or people. A family member of mine was walking his dog on a leash in Cranston, when a huge 40 lb. dog viciously attacked the little dog who only weighs  15 lbs. Our little “Bradley” was viciously attacked and hurt badly. He was taken to the vet and given shots for pains and had to undergo numerous tests and treatment. We hope he will be okay.


So, now the warmer weather is here. Watch out for careless dog owners who let their animals run wild and attack dogs and their owners. This state sure makes a lot of laws to protect animals, but do they monitor how the cities and towns enforce them? It doesn’t mean a hill of beans if laws are made, but they are not enforced. So, while all these legislators are making their dog laws, let’s make sure they are enforceable. As for the dog owner who let his dog viciously attack by being careless and clueless, he belongs in jail. He is a menace on society that needs to be taught a lesson. This attack happened in Cranston, in a quiet neighborhood in the Budlong section, but it could happen anywhere. Be aware!