Where in the World is Dr. Frankel? Part 4

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Photos, Ellen Frankel - Petra, Jordan

Where in the World is Dr. Frankel? Part 4

Greetings from Aquaba, Jordan


Memoirs by Dr. Ellen Frankel

Reported by Joanne Giannini


Dr. Frankel’s Journey on May 21, 2019 started with an excursion in Aquaba, Jordan. They departed from the cruise ship, Insignia, and drove to Petra, which was two hours away. Once they arrived, they walked through the Sig to the Treasury. Dr. Frankel made sure she was wearing her sunscreen protection clothing. The weather is about 90 degrees. They had a lot of walking to do on this excursion.


They toured the gift shop and saw the fine pottery being made by craftsmen. Beautifully hand painted and displayed in various designs and colors, it simply was a treat.


A few photos from Petra

The entrance to Petra was a combination of old and new architecture. Peddlers and merchants crowded the area selling their goods and merchandise. They then walked to the Petra Movenpick Hotel where they had a lunch buffet at Al Sarayas restaurant. They served chicken, lamb, eggplant, plus vegetables, and rice. Also, hummus and pita bread. After lunch they were driven through the dessert in 4x4 cars to a private camp. Later that evening dinner was served at Wadi Rum under Bedouin tents.


As you can see from the pictures, the scenery is breathtaking! Plenty of riding and walking!  Even the camels needed to take a break! What an adventuresome day!