An interview with Angélica Infante-Green, new commissioner of the R.I. Department of Education

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Photo: WPRI-12 website

Everyone seems to think they have an answer - or at least a guess - on how to improve education in Rhode Island. From unions, to teachers, to politicians, parents, and the list goes on and on. There are over a dozen bills working their way through the RI legislature mandating this, changing that. But, perhaps the biggest contribution the state has made to improving education is the hiring of Angélica Infante-Green, commissioner of the R.I. Department of Education. Hopefully, she will also be empowered to do the job that has been squarely put before her. This includes both process and staffing issues. Infante-Green agrees that Rhode Island has failed its students; that you can't expect students to test well on material they have not been taught. She notes that the curriculum can be different from city to city - and, mind-boggingly, from school to school within those cities.

Early morning wake-ups often lead to a one-eyed look at morning television, but this interview was a real wake up call.  Could our system be as bad as it feels, listening to well-versed and well-researched veteran reporters Tim White and Ted Nesi, at WPRI in this Newsmakers interview? When Infante-Green was asked, "how much of this did you know was coming, when you took the job?", referring to reform changes, and she answered, "I didn't know any of it when I took the job." 

The full interview link is posted here, with kudos to WPRI.