Where in the world is Dr. Frankel?

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Photos by Ellen Frankel - Salalah, Oman and the 1st: Salalah, Oman and the Samhuram Archeological site...

(Diary of events by Ellen Frankel)


RI News Today is doing a series on world travelers. We will be premiering the adventures of Dr. Ellen Frankel as she cruises across the Persian Gulf


Part Two....

Summary written by Dr. Ellen Frankel...5-16-19


Today in Salalah, Oman. We are here during the holy month of Ramadan (5/5–6/4) where all Muslims fast from sunrise to sunset (and I thought being Jewish was hard!). No Muslims will eat, drink or smoke.


Today’s tour included a one-hour drive to Bin Ali’s Tomb for a quick photo stop. The grave stones with 3 points are women’s graves, 2 pointed graves are men. This building was air conditioned and we had to cover our heads, shoulders, and knees, BUT we had to remove our shoes out of respect.


Mirbat’s scenic bays and inlets make this town a must-see. Bin Ali was a revered holy man in the early days of Islam. A medieval mosque rises over the tomb which is surrounded by a large cemetery. This was an 80-kilometer drive from port. (See photos)


Next stop was a drive to Samhuram where we visited the Samhuran archeological site.


This ancient city is one of the most important pre- Islamic settlements in the Dhofar region. It thrives from 400 BC to 500 AD thanks to its key location in the middle of the flourishing Frankincense trade. Sumhuram is located near the beach on the Khor Rori inset, approximately 40 kilometers (25 miles) from Salalah. (See photos)