Where in the world is Dr. Frankel?

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Photos courtesy Dr. Ellen Frankel

RI News Today is doing a series on world travelers. We will be premiering the adventures of Dr. Ellen Frankel as she cruises across the Persian Gulf.

Part one ... “On guard in the Persian Gulf”

By Joanne Giannini

So what happens when you plan the vacation of your dreams and you are given safety warnings about possible threats to security in the Persian Gulf?

As national news media has reported, there have been claims of sabotage to oil tankers off the coast of the United Arab Emirates. There was also a drone attack on a prop line in Saudi Arabia and a U.S. aircraft carrier strike group steaming toward an unspecified threat. Would you be concerned?

The events happening in the Persian Gulf do pose a threat to national security. Specifically, we cannot say we know what is going on but we can be sure we must stay on guard.

You might say it’s no time to be traveling on a cruise ship touring Dubai across the Persian Gulf on your way to Rome. But then again, we are talking about Ellen Frankel,  adventuresome world traveler, taking this trip.

Dr. Frankel, a dermatologist from Cranston, has traveled more than anyone I know. She’s been to faraway places both in the United States, Europe and Africa.

Currently she is on the M/S Insignia of the world famous Oceania cruise lines. At the beginning of their journey passengers were given protocols and warnings for safety precautions in a letter.

The letter stated instructions that said to stay away from the outside decks at night, turn off lights in cabins at night, and to be aware of any sudden jerks or motions of the ship. They also warned of small boats coming closer to the ship that may cause the ship to change course or move hurriedly out of the way. It’s obvious they were talking about “ocean pirates” or some unknown forces to be on guard against. Large fire hoses were put on the deck of the ship and ready for use in case of emergencies.  The passengers and crew were given safety drills on what to expect in case of unwelcome visitors. This all seems mysterious and scary at the same time. Dr. Frankel reports that they have left Dubai and are cruising comfortably toward their next location across the Gulf.

Included are pictures of the protocols and warnings from the Ocean liner as well as pictures of the fire hoses on deck!

Stay tuned! For more from the High Seas of the Persian Gulf!



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