Leave the light on!

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Photo: Alexandra Slack

Every mom wonders if she made a difference…did she provide a lesson…a direction…was her mothering any different than any other person would have done?  How will she be remembered? Will there be any customs or traditions that will live on and be passed down?


Time is so short. Before you know it, those early, most impressionable years are done. You’ve had your chance.  After that you can help them with financial things, educational paths, career and mate-choosing advice. You can be their friends, in a way, too.


The cards come for Christmas and Easter and Valentine’s Day. And the presents. But then comes Mother’s Day - and for most moms that day is more important than any other - it ‘trumps’ birthdays, too, hands down.


A few days ago, my daughter sent me a photo from her brand-new house - it was in her kitchen at night with the light on over the stove. I didn’t know why.  She wrote back, “turning all the lights off and just having the stove light on in the kitchen reminds me of when you used to do that at night, after dinner, after cleaning up - I knew all was clean and calm - and closed up for the night. One of my favorites as a kid…”  When a mom gets a message like that it stops you in your tracks. She felt safe. Protected. Such a small thing, really. But an impact that might travel generations after me. It will be one of my favorite Mother's Day wishes.


Happy Mother’s Day to all the moms out there - making their children feel safe, protected, and loved.

Leave the light on!