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What’s in…


What’s in a name? As Shakespeare said, “What’s in a name? The Royal couple, Meghan and Harry have decided to name their son, Archie Harrison Mount-Batten Windsor. Quite a mouthful, but what else would you expect from a Royal? They are deemed to be different but this couple seems to go out of their way. Now that all the baby hype is over, let’s hope the new baby boy can get some peace and grow up to enjoy his family and life. Good health, happiness and love to Baby Archie!


Second Amendment Sanctuary Towns - coming to a town or city near you? To date, three cities/towns have passed resolutions supporting the Second Amendment and declaring themselves Sanctuary cities. Burrillville, Hopkinton, West Greenwich have all passed resolutions. Others in play are, as we go to press, Glocester, Richmond, Foster, Scituate, Tiverton, Exeter, and Coventry. South Attleboro is considering it too.


Gel’s Kitchen in West Warwick. The owners of Gel’s Kitchen in West Warwick have brought new meaning to the word “humanitarian” as they fight to donate to the Warwick school lunch program. Imagine making national news for doing something good? It is rare these days, but Angela and Mike Penta proved that if you fight hard, you can make change.



What’s out...


Caught in Pawtucket... Professor Donna Hughes outlines the story of the Boston Police officer who was fired for his actions while in a Pawtucket Hampton Inn. His gun was stolen by one of the two prostitutes that he was partying with and now he lost his job. When will these people wake up?


Much needed school reform… The General Assembly leaders have unveiled a package of education reform bills to revamp the Rhode Island school system. It all sounds very familiar. That’s because it’s based on Massachusetts reforms that could and should have been implemented here years ago. With all the trips and conferences that legislators take on education topics, it seems our neighbor of Massachusetts was the role model for the reform. So, they need not go far to learn how to implement  improvements. This is their job and long overdue.


Prisoners having voting rights... Bernie Sanders, Candidate for President, was recently asked at Town Hall event on CNN if prisoners should be able to vote and he said, “yes”. Furthermore, he also was asked if he believed the Boston Marathon Bomber, Dzhokhar Tsarnaev should have the same right to vote. And he said, “yes”, and said he believes that chipping away at voting rights would be a mistake. This position is so out of base and so unrealistic with how most Americans feel. No, prisoners should not have the right to vote while in prison, especially those who are serving a sentence for heinous crimes such as murder and rape.

That’s all, folks!

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