Caught in Pawtucket

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Photo: Hampton Inn Facebook page

In early February of this year, a Boston Police officer—Emanuel Brandao—came down to Rhode Island to engage in illegal activity while off duty. Before the night was over, he was the victim of a criminal conspiracy. Now, he’s been fired by the Boston Police Department for failing to properly secure his firearm and conduct considered unsatisfactory and unfit for a police officer.

The Boston police officer traveled to Rhode Island to hire two strippers for a “date.” In sex trade slang “a date” is an act of prostitution. After drinks and entertainment in a bar and strip club around town, the three of them went to a hotel in Pawtucket for a party. According to the officer, they were just “hanging out” in the room. However, according to the police report the two women said they were paid for their time and sex.

At one point, the police officer foolishly gave one of the women the keys to his car to go retrieve something. This was after he had identified himself as a police officer and revealed that he had his gun in his car. This likely set in motion the plan to steal the gun. During the theft, a man—identified as Kyle Benford of Providence—who was on the scene earlier and got into an altercation with the two women, appeared. He was later charged with conspiracy, along with the women, to steal the officer’s gun. Was he a pimp? Did he regularly conspire with the women or one of the women to steal sex buyer’s property?

Officer Brandao contacted the police to report the theft of his gun. They identified and contacted her. At this point, she probably realized that stealing a police officer’s gun will be treated very seriously by other police officers. She dropped off the gun at a local fire station.

The two women have been charged with two felonies: larceny of a firearm and conspiracy. According to the Providence Journal, they are both being held at the Adult Correctional Institution for violation of bail from previous charges. One of the women was previously arrested for soliciting for prostitution at the Foxy Lady in December 2018. In April, after pleading no contest to the charge of soliciting for prostitution, she was sentenced to six months’ probation. Kyle Benford has been charged with stealing and conspiring in the theft of the weapon.

Apparently, the police officer didn’t fully understand the relationship between a sex buyer and the woman he pays. It is strictly a cold, calculated transaction in which the woman (or women in this case) pretend to like the man, pretend to enjoy his company, and pretend to like what they are doing. Some sex buyers believe the act is for real. It isn’t. The Boston police officer didn’t understand that women who he paid for sex may have pretended to be nice and friendly, but that doesn’t mean they can be trusted.  

Sex buyers should understand that when you make the decision to buy sex, first of all, you are breaking the law, and secondly, you are walking into a world of criminals. This is not a safe community. The women involved usually have fake names for a reason. Pimps are usually lurking and watching. Others may be sizing you up for robbery, especially if you’re high, too trusting, alone, and visibly have something of value. You become the target.

As for the two women. With previous arrests and these felony charges their lives are slipping out of control. Ms. Rivera’s arrest photo in the Providence Journal shows that she has a black eye that looks a couple of days old. Who hit her? I hope the police are asking and preparing to press charges. The world of prostitution is dangerous to women as well.  

I hope these women can get back on track and find jobs that are safer and better for their health and wellbeing.


Donna M Hughes
Carlson Endowed Chair in Women’s Studies
University of Rhode Island.

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