Notre Dame Inferno

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Bishop Tobin took to Twitter to comment on the tragedy

Just after 6:00PM (France time) on Monday evening, flames broke out in the Notre Dame Cathedral in Paris, France.

Notre Dame is the Cathedral of the Catholic Roman Diocese Province and was expecting over 100,000 people this Holy Week attending masses and visiting during Easter services.

It is an 800 old iconic building, known for its beautiful cedar wood which caught ablaze so quickly. The structure and characteristics of the Cathedral were breathtaking making it a church of the world.

The Cathedral has long been called “Our Lady of Notre Dame”.

The Catholics, Protestants and all religions around the world have long treasured this Cathedral which was a landmark in Paris, France. The architecture, antiques, tapestries and religious artifacts lost cannot be replaced.

Notre Dame was undergoing restoration and it is unknown how the fire started at this time.

As I write this, it is not known how much of the building will be lost, but there was significant damage to the building.  

It was heartbreaking to see “the spire” collapse which has precious artifacts, including the cherished “crown of thorns”.

Bishop Thomas Tobin took to Twitter to comment on this tragedy: 

It was a sad day for all the world to see this beautiful Cathedral ablaze.  Years and years of history, religious beliefs, religious celebrations and culture were lost and will not be able to be replaced.  Long live our beautiful memories and religious faith. 

Photo credit: Jean Birnbaum, Paris

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