UPDATED: Judge Asked to Recuse Over N.A.R.L. Board Chairmanship

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By Anne Armstrong

UPDATE: Judge Richard Licht refused to recuse, then denied all our arguments. He stayed his ruling so that we can appeal to the RI Supreme Court which we are preparing to do

A Constitutional Pro-Life lawsuit turns political today when Plaintiffs Anne Armstrong and Alan Gordon ask Associate Superior Court Judge Hon. Robert A Licht to recuse himself for bias after learning in the Providence Journal that he once served as the Chairman of the Board of NARAL, a pro-abortion group.

Armstrong and Gordon, on behalf of themselves and their narrowly-defined Hebrew tribal/racial minority sub-group ("Daughters of Eve"), are expected to file a motion (see below) citing both the judge's NARAL Chairmanship and the subject of a previous recusal request, Hon. Licht’s inability to explain how a previous hearing was mysteriously scheduled by the Plaintiffs without the Plaintiffs' knowledge.

Armstrong, who twice ran for Governor, and Gordon who ran in 2018 for Attorney General, feel that their case's progress has been subjected to political manipulation instead of fair hearings.

"This is a strong case, based on the solid standards written into the Rhode Island Constitution”, says Armstrong.  “I’m not surprised by these tactics because our case is unrebuttable on the merits, and so of course people pushing for late - term abortion will say or do anything to stop us.”

"The Constitution of the State of Rhode Island forbids the use of public funds to ‘secure any right to abortion or the funding thereof’”, explains Canon Gordon. “Believers can’t be forced to pay taxes to promote or promulgate something that is anathema to our core beliefs.”

Deaconess Anne continues, “If the politicians want to pander to irresponsible men who bully women into pregnancy and then abandon them to the hopelessness of abortion, let them pay for this from their personal or campaign funds. Nobody WANTS to get an abortion, and in Rhode Island, nobody can be forced to pay for advocacy of such a hopeless, tragic course of action.”

Gordon and Armstrong, already well known for their pro-life work putting cancer into remission with cannabis oil administered in the Catholic Sacrament of Anointing of the Sick, believe that pro-life advocacy extends from conception until natural death. Armstrong concludes, “the midwives of old used cannabis to relieve many pregnancy-related discomforts, from hyperemesis gravidarum to labor pains. The Tree of Life and Pro Life go together like pickles and ice cream!” 


Armstrong is the mother of seven children and has fifteen grandchildren. She identifies herself as the product of an “unplanned” pregnancy, whose birth mother lived at Sophia Little Home. Armstrong was adopted as a baby of four months by, in her own words, “a loving couple who did a great job”

Court case set for Monday, April 8th - stay tuned to RINewsToday for the decision

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