A Family Business Memory - Part 4

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Come Celebrate!

RI News Today wants you to get to know our Rhode Island business owners. Many have fought the hard fight to climb to success and to stay in business. In this series, we will be featuring the history of “The Tree House” which is one of Rhode Island’s greatest treasurers located on Centerville Road in Warwick. Co-Owner Michael Gerard takes us in a stroll down memory lane. So look for our feature and enjoy! Congratulations to the entire “Ferns and Flowers” now the “Tree House” Family  as they celebrate 40 years in business! Join them for a celebration April 11th from 5-9PM


Ferns and Flowers changed several times in the past 40 years. We got into ladies fashions by chance. We offered hand painted tee shirts with pretty flowers. We then brought in a full ladies clothing selection.  Mom was holding two jobs at once, florist and fashion expert.  But as any mother, multi-tasking comes naturally. The Fire Department knew her! Once calling to see if they needed to come to the alarm, or is Mom making popcorn again? Thank goodness  that I can remember that the good old days might have not been so good, but they got us to where we are!


Not your average Mother!  My Mom Allyn!


Mom did her photo shoot for her fashion shop. Packing her collections up, often to create fashion shows for charity benefits, such as House of Hope, the Woman’s Safe shelter, OLP School, and many other great community groups. It was a lot of extra physical work, but the causes were deep in her heart. Plus she delighted in making women feel and look the best they chould. If you feel good you can do great things. Today, she’s still styling.


A Family Business


Blessed with a family while juggling a growing business was challenging. As a young family, we wanted to save the planet, so we did composting, veggie gardening, home cooking. My mom made bedspreads and curtains, we used cloth diapers and did loads of laundry! A better world for our children, I think, and we saved our budget. Sunday church challenge was trying to get one, then two, then three children all dressed and to service in time.


The days at Ferns and Flowers were set by the clock too. Orders are always time sensitive for flower deliveries, funeral delivery by 12, wedding first stop 1pm, church 2pm, Newport traffic, reception at Rosecliff delivers by 4pm and set by 6pm.  Return to dismantle by midnight and return home by 1:15 am. Time to sleep! Then - breakfast time! Fruit Loops for the kids at 6:30 am.


Considering we are always watching time, I can’t believe they are grown and gone away, all grown and independent. Blessed! 40 years has past so quickly!


It was a remarkable journey for me, and if I could add, if it’s a journey, are we there yet? Time is so precious - enjoy every every moment ! I remember when old was fifty or sixty. Well ugh, for me, it’s here! Today we don’t look the way we did then. We are blessed, the generations are now all still jazzy! Rock on my friends!

-Michael Gerard


Come celebrate a toast to us all April 11th. Celebrate our 40 year journey! April 11th 5:00-9:00.....


The Tree House Restaurant now is quite different from the original business but such a unique idea for the restaurant’s locale. There are several rooms there to choose from to dine in that really look comfortable and cozy and as if you were  in your own dining room. Functions are plentiful here because there is a beautiful patio outdoors, behind the restaurant. What a treat to see an open garden with fresh flowers, a fire pit with chairs, and a large covered dining area for catered parties! The decor, the flowers, the food and the hospitality make it a go to place for family, friends and businesses. We congratulate The Tree House Bistro and hope everyone joins them in their 40 year celebration on April 11th from 6-9 PM! 

Pictured: Allyn Gerard, Michael’s Mom

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