Michael Morse Shares - A Moment of Grace

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We are surrounded by great people, and beautiful moments

Michael Morse Shares - A Moment of Grace

By Michael Morse


I'm working at Lowes, beautiful late summer day, kind of sad that I'm in here and not out there when an elderly guy with a USS Ronald Reagan cap asks me how much money an American flag will cost.

I leave him at the customer service desk and walk over to where the flags are, and return with three flags and the news; 30 bucks for the big one, 25 for the medium and 22 for the small.

He looks dejected, says something about everything going up and up, and begins to walk away...without a flag to raise.

A young guy who was standing behind us says, "I got that," and buys one, and presents it to the Navy Vet, who as it turns out served on the USS Intrepid from '59 to '63 and is wearing his grandson's hat, who is currently aboard The USS Ronald Reagan.

The old guy wasn't sure what was happening, but he accepted the flag, said thank you and walked away, into the beautiful sunshine.

I thanked the young guy, shook his hand and returned to work, no longer sad that I was stuck inside.

Two strangers from different generations shared a moment of grace, and me, somewhere in the middle, was able to take it all in and let the experience shape the rest of my day.

We are surrounded by great people, and beautiful moments are happening all around us. I was fortunate to bear witness to one of them.


Michael Morse, of Warwick, is a writer, and spent twenty-three years working in Providence as a firefighter/EMT before retiring in 2013 as Captain, Rescue Co. 5. His books and articles offer fellow firefighter/EMT's and the general population alike a poignant glimpse into one person's journey through life, work and hope for the future. mmorsepfd@aol.com