FOLLOW-UP: Cell Tower Plan for Cranston Forestland Squashed

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Neighborhood groups speaking with one voice on important issues

FOLLOW-UP: Cell Tower Plan for Cranston Forestland Squashed has been keeping the spotlight on plans for a new cell tower to be installed in Cranston that would result in clearing a long path through a rare naturally wooded forest. Bounded by a police shooting/training range and very near a school, and in a residential neighborhood, several groups opposed the cell tower and the desecration that would ensue to this forest land.


Led first by City Councilman Steve Stycos, about 20 local residents took a walk in the woods on a Saturday morning to see what the area was like. They then published photos of the area in 


After the proposal was brought to a committee in the city of Cranston, residents received an email on October 1st, from City Councilman John P. Donegan, which read:

Cell Tower Proposal Denied:
After a few months long process, we denied the Mayor's proposal to enter into a lease agreement to allow the development of a Cell Tower on city owned land off Phenix Ave. This development would have severely altered and disturbed the largely untouched natural habitat there. The proposal was voted down unanimously.”

Notably, the state is now engaged in a study to determine the future of solar farm establishments such that they do not require land clearing. As one person said from the Garden City Alliance, “perhaps they should include cell towers in their recommendations - putting them up on existing buildings should be technically possible to accomplish their communication goals. Even though this project is not in the Garden City area of Cranston, there are now neighborhood groups from one part of the city to the other, and we are committed to joining together to oppose projects we agree do not reflect the heart of our city. This project certainly was one easy, and sensible, to oppose.”