A Reading by Pat…October 1, 2019

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It's October...

A Reading by Pat…October 1, 2019

By Pat Glynn-Olson


Welcome to Fall everyone! Indian Summer is just around the bend I am sure so please don't put your summer things away just yet. Something tells me it will last longer than normal. Hurray!


For those of you who are blessed in being able to "hear" from the "other side", it seems to be very active in noise. Not only for me has it been noisy, but I have heard from a lot of people asking for understanding as to what was going on and why. Also, what are the messages behind it all? Is it the change of season? The shift? The major full moon? Or all of the above? Honestly I believe ALL OF THEM feels it opened the portal even wider. Will it stay open, I am not sure. It would be nice if it did, perhaps we all would learn more from them if it did, don't you think?


Rhode Island feels like it is coming into a change of "control". Interesting don't you think? What was once a thriving "town" in the 70's was left to dry up will soon begin to come alive again and bring $$$ back to many families there. Happy days ahead.


Might be a good time to invest in property here before prices rise. You could end up with riches of some "Kings" in this "town".


Stay positive during this month, it is going to go by very fast, right to my favorite day of the year…Halloween! Be safe, teach your children to be safe for Trick or Treating, and strangers, so they will have great memories to hold on to.


Life out in this crazy world of ours gives us lots of negative things to think about each day, but instead of focusing on those, try concentrating on the gratitude of the love you have in your life. That far outweighs all the negative out there.


So, take October and show the world your gratitude of love.


Blessings to you all till next time.


Pat Glynn-Olson