Business News: Meridian Printing Buys Omnicolor Printing

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Business News: Meridian Printing Buys Omnicolor Printing


“The purchase closed this Monday,” said Bob Nangle, president of Meridian Printing, located in East Greenwich, about their purchase of Omnicolor Printing, located in Rumford. Steven Lee, is also president.


Meridian, in business for over 40 years, currently has 55 employees. Omnicolor, in business for over 25 years, has 12 to 15 employees. The purchase will create one company, Meridian, with an expected workforce of 60 to 62. Nangle confirms that interviews are being held now with Omnicolor employees to see who will remain with the new company.


Nangle said that they had been looking for the right company on and off for over 15 years, and this comes as the owners of Omnicolor were planning to retire. John Nixon and his father, John Nixon, owned Omnicolor.  Omnicolor’s flatbed press was mentioned by Nangle as one attractive asset that will allow them to expand into large signs and banners. That, plus other industry assets “were a good fit with our existing commercial business”.

Nangle talked with RINewsToday about the difficulty finding manufacturing talent in Rhode Island and that while the new workforce is learning manufacturing, it is more of the high-tech skills and methods, and not printing of the "blue collar" type needed by the industry, as a whole.


Both Meridian and Omnicolor own their buildings. Meridian’s purchase does not include the Omnicolor building or land. The company will remain in East Greenwich. Nangle confirmed that this was a private sale with no state involvement.


Meridian lists as its major clients on their website, The Smithsonian, Goya, Bentley University, Swarovski, Hachette Book Group, and Jewelers of America. In the trade they are known for their printing of  fine art publications.


A message left after business hours at Omnicolor, as not yet been returned. In the spring of 2018 Barrington Printing became part of the Meridian Printing company.